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Minehead Van and Car Hire Terms and Conditions

United Kingdom – van and passenger vehicle

General Rental Information

Important documents

Identification Requirements

Depending on your country of permanent residence, we will require the following forms of identification from you at Vehicle pick-up. You must bring original proof of the required documents. Photocopies or other copies will not be accepted.

UK Residents

If you are living in the United Kingdom, in addition to a valid photo ID (passport, ID card, driving licence), you need to provide us with a national insurance number and proof of address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement) which is not older than 3 months at the time of vehicle pick-up.

Please note: If your method of payment is a debit card, we require two proofs of address as specified above.

Non-UK Residents

If you are living outside the United Kingdom, in addition to your driving licence, we require a passport or ID card which is valid for a period of at least 3 months beyond the end of the Rental Period. There can be no visa exemptions in the Passport for the period of 6 months before the end of the Rental Period.

Driving Licence Requirements

You and all approved drivers must be in possession of a full, valid driving licence for at least one year. Furthermore, the following conditions apply depending on the issuing country of the driving licence.

UK Driving Licences

In addition to your licence, a national insurance number, Drivers under 23 years of age must not have any endorsements on their licence. For drivers 23 years of age and older, the maximum number of points on the licence is 6. However, some endorsements on your licence may restrict your ability to drive the vehicle, even if you have 6 or less points on your licence. If you or any other driver have any endorsements on your licence, please contact us on 01643 703283 to check if you qualify to drive.

EU Driving Licences

Valid driving licences of all other EU countries are accepted in the UK without further preconditions.

All Other Licences

Driving licences printed with non-Roman Alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, and Cyrillic) must be accompanied by a valid International Driving Permit.

Chinese driving licences, no International Driving Permit is required, however you must provide a valid translation form for the licence

Indian driving licences will require an International Driving Permit if the original licence does not contain a small electronic chip on the front of the card.

For all non-European licence holders, it is the responsibility of the renter to check whether an international Driving Permit is required.

Age Restrictions

Certain regulations apply related to minimum age and possession of driver’s license which can be found during the booking process depending on the booked vehicle.

In Great Britain, the following rules apply for the minimum age and possession of a driver’s licence:

A young driver surcharge applies for drivers under 25 years.

Young Driver Surcharge (for vehicle groups passenger car and van) £36.00 per day

Tariff information

Methods of Payment

The following methods of payment are accepted by MVCH . Any method of payment that is not mentioned below cannot be accepted.

Cash Payment is not accepted.

Credit Cards

All credit cards must be in the main renter’s name. The following credit cards are accepted in the UK: Visa, and Eurocard/MasterCard

Debit Cards

The following debit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard. We do not accept Maestro, V-Pay, pre-paid debit cards or Visa Electron cards.

Debit Card Deposits

The deposit amount is immediately debited from the cardholder’s bank account and is held by us until the Rental Agreement is terminated and all rental charges are cleared. Unless you settle all rental charges on return of the vehicle you authorise us to allocate the monies held on deposit against such rental charges. We will refund you any excess held by us over the rental charges.

Credit Card Approvals

The approval amount is not immediately debited but held on the cardholder’s bank account until the final rental charge amount has been paid to us. When the Vehicle is returned, the invoiced amount will be charged to the credit card provided, unless you present another form of payment.


Passenger car Rental amount + 300,00 GBP

Commercial van Rental amount + 500,00 GBP

Campervan Rental amount + 1500 GBP

Please note, that payments with credit card may require the PIN of the credit card.

The excess in Case of an accident is £750 which you are liable to pay

Protection conditions

Third party insurance

Insurance coverage for the vehicle rented includes Third Party Liability. This protection provides cover for claims made against you in the event of the death or injury to the other party in an accident (unlimited liability). It also provides cover for damage to their property (up to 5,000,000 GBP). The hirer, as the main driver, will be responsible for any costs in excess of this in relation to third party damage.

Excluded from the insurance is the use of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods. All protection as part of the rental contract will become void, in particular, if an unauthorized driver has used the vehicle or if the driver of the vehicle does not possess the required driver’s licence at the time of the event giving rise to claim.

Roadside Protection

The roadside protection is an extended breakdown protection during the rental and protects you at home against high service and repair costs for the following incidents caused by you: key locked in vehicle, breaking caused by lack of fuel, assistance with starting necessitated by flat battery, loss of key and vehicle stuck. All services may only be ordered by a direct claim with MVCH 24-hour Roadside Assistance. They shall also determine the type and extent of service required to ensure the renter stays mobile. If any damage to the rental vehicle occurs which is not covered within the scope of the Roadside Protection, the renter is liable for such damage.

Cross border rentals and territorial restrictions

Territorial restrictions

Commercial vehicles, Passenger vehicles are not allowed to go overseas or abroad.


Navigation system

Navigation systems are guaranteed to be available if a booking is made.

If a booking is not made, this is dependent on availability.

Additional driver

A charge is levied for the additional driver, whose details are noted in the lease only if the additional driver presents a valid driver’s license.

Vehicle refuelling

We ask you return the vehicle with the same amount of petrol as it was hired by you.

If desired, the vehicle will be refuelled according to currently available conditions after returning it to the station.

Please note that in case of refuelling a service fee will apply.

Delivery and collection

Deliveries and collections are available at the local rental station subject to a fee.This service is available on request for an additional commitment fee outside opening times at selected locations

Other charges and taxes

Out of opening hours

Out of opening hours service is available at selected stations. In this case, an additional charge applies for the provision of the service.

Registration fee / Road tax

There will be a road tax, which is included in the rent.

Congestion Charge

There are some cities in the UK, for example London and Durham that charge congestion fees for driving in and through them. The renter is responsible for checking the congestion terms and is liable for the payment of such fees. For rentals commencing from a branch within a Congestion Zone, the Congestion Charge will automatically be applied to the rental agreement to cover the first day of hire. You will remain liable for the payment of congestion fees for any other additional days.

In case of non or late payment, additional fees may be incurred which the renter will be liable for. An administration fee of 36.00 GBP will apply for every transaction handled by MVCH.

Traffic Fines / Driving Penalties

The renter is liable for the payment of all charges, penalties and fines incurred in connection with the use of the vehicle. Payment of Toll fees are also in the responsibility of the driver. Drivers will be liable to pay all penalties/fines related to late, or non-payment of a traffic offence. An administration fee of 36.00 GBP will apply for every transaction handled by Minehead van and car hire.

All rates are inclusive of VAT (if VAT incurs).

For corporate customers with individual agreements alternative prices and regulations can apply.

Camper vans

Camper-vans are subject to separate terms and conditions

minimum rental period of 3 days

Pet Friendly

Deposit £1000/£1500 For Pets